Free Online Coloring Pages For Kids

Free coloring pages are pages that contain diverse images for people to color on. These coloring pages can be downloaded here and can entertain your kids for hours. For you who works from home but sometimes you cannot entertain the kiddos for a period of time due to work obligations. It is during these times that free printable coloring pages come in handy. There are also pages to color for the moms who want to join in. Here are some ideas for having fun with coloring pages.

Coloring Pages as Greeting Cards

If the holidays are almost here, you can use free coloring pages as greeting cards for loved ones.

Take some large sheets of colored paper and using glitter and Sharpie markers, write holiday messages to those who will receive the cards. Then fold each construction paper sheet in half and paste images from holiday-themed coloring pages on the inside. On the back of the cards post some fun pictures of yourself with the kids.

Turn Coloring Pages into Placemats

We know how kids make messes during meals, and if you have excess coloring pages that the kids colored on, why not use them as placemats? Print out a few food-themed coloring pages then staple them to medium-sized pieces of old cardboard from used boxes. Have the kids paint the cardboard pieces as they want and let those dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Then staple the pages to the cardboard pieces.

Use Them to Teach Concepts

This is especially a good idea for preschoolers. Print out pages that pertain to the alphabet, colors, names of animals, shapes and body parts. Teach lessons to the kids using silly songs, role play and through everyday conversation. Another idea is to tape images from the sheets to the objects they represent so that the kids can learn to identify them.

Decorate Sneakers With Coloring Pages

Another idea is to decorate sneakers with coloring pages. Grab a few white pairs of inexpensive sneakers and wash them if dirty. Then dry completely. Meanwhile have the kids print out their favorite coloring pages and color the images on them with Sharpie markers or washable paint. Have them cut out the colored images and paste them on the sides and back of the sneakers.

We offers free coloring pages that you can download and print anytime. These coloring pages can be used to keep the kids occupied, instill creativity in them and teach them lessons that stick with them for a lifetime.